Fashion of Jennifer Lawrence

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Finds Of The Day - 28th July 2014

Purple Madness: Element Barbara Hat - $19.73 —> similar to the purple hat that Jennifer wore in London earlier this year.

Chic & Sofisticated: ASOS Midi Dress With Drape Back Pencil - $85.74 —> similar (even though it’s in a lovely pink) to the Victoria Beckham Fall 2014 RTW Halter Dress that Jennifer to The Tonight Show earlier this year.

I've literally been looking for this coat forever so I was wondering if you could maybe help me find it? It's the coat she wore in February 2014 leaving a hotel in Montreal.

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I have been looking for that very coat forever as well. So far, it’s nowhere to be found on the world wide web. But, if it’s not vintage, I am positive that it will be found sooner or later! xx

U think it's okay to pair brown loafer pumps with black dress? A lot of articles online said it's a taboo to mix black dress with brown shoes. What's your take? Thanks for any suggestions :)

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Hey! I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to mix brown and black, honestly. If it looks good in your opinion, then it’s fine! The only suggestion that comes to my mind is adding a thin brown belt to the dress, to sort of match the shoes, in a way, like they did here:

But it’s up to you! I hope this helps :) xx

Hi! Just wondering when are you going to post what would jen wear posts? Looking forward to them! :-D and love love your daily jen inspirations! Love her hair! Anyway, I'm going for a drink with my coworkers after work next week. Any outfit ideas suitable for office and also after work party? Thanks!

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Hi! I am working on the 1960s one, not sure when it’s going to be ready but I’ll try to post it soon. Sorry, it’s bit crazy at work lately :P

Anyway, thank you! I am glad that you are liking the daily posts :) I’ll try to work on a office+party WWJW post later, too (which maybe is going to give me some inspiration as well. I am going for dinner with a few coworkers next week and I need some ideas).


Finds Of The Day - 26th July 2014

Jen Essential: Boohoo Sofia Short Sleeved Woven Belted Jumpsuit - $40.00 —> similar to the Christian Dior Spring 2014 HC Jumpsuit that Jennifer wore to the Vanity Fair and Armani Party in Cannes earlier this year.

Great For Summer: Sperry Top-Sider Carisle Sandals - $39.99 —> similar to the Tory Burch Alfie Thong Sandals that Jennifer often wore in 2012.